Louise Nevelson® is one of America's foremost artists.  Nevelson's sculpted wood assemblages transcend space and transformed the viewer's perception of art.  For her brilliant compositions in varied mediums critics hailed her as the leading sculptor of the twentieth century.  A pioneering grand dame of the art world, Nevelson's iconic persona was characterized by her skilled mixing and matching of ethnic clothing, mink eyelashes, and especially her charismatic presence.  Her work can be found in major museums and esteemed private collections worldwide.

"My mission with LNF is contributing special projects to the Louise Nevelson Legacy with an eye on their relevancy 50 years from now." - Maria Nevelson, Founder, Volunteer in the Arts since 1980


Arnold Newman photographed Louise Nevelson® in her New York City studio, 1973: Photo 74113460/Arnold Newman/Courtesy of Getty Images