The Louise Nevelson Foundation has benefited from the expertise and generosity of their time both past and present from the following board of directors and advisory council participants:

Dennis Bower, Esquire, Special Counsel, Saul Ewing LLP.

Ann Chahbandour, Artist/Sculptor/Painter.

Dianne Devitt, Event Producer/Speaker/Author.

Lynn Gilbert, Photographer/Author.

Fay Gold, Director, Fay Gold Gallery.

Julie Hoffman, Architect/Painter/Past President of the Philadelphia Chapter American Institute of Architects.

Ethel Kessler, President & Creative Director of Kessler Design Group.

Abigail Mack, Partner at Monumenta Art Conservation and Finishing LLC, specializing in Louise Nevelson artworks.

Diana MacKown, Louise Nevelson Biographer/Photographer/Assistant to Louise Nevelson.

Maria Nevelson, Founder of the Louise Nevelson Foundation/Speaker/Author/Designer/Art Licensing.

Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz, President of  Works of Art for Public Spaces/former Director of Sculpture Commissions-Louise Nevelson at Pace Gallery.

Lino Massimo Recchia, President of the Gruppo A.N.M.I. G. Caboto, Philadelphia Chapter, Philadelphia, PA.

Barbara-Jo Saler, President of Barbara-Jo Saler Events, LLC.

Lora Urbanelli, former Director of the Montclair Art Museum and Farnsworth Art Museum.

Spencer Wertheimer, Esquire, Personal Injury/Intellectual Property.

Laurie Wilson, Art Historian/Psychoanalyst/Louise Nevelson Biographer.