Louise Nevelson® had a prolific and productive career resulting in numerous works of art.  Her work continues to be in many solo and group exhibitions, and in many private and public collections worldwide.


LNF is collecting information for their catalogue raisonne data base aiming to include all of the artworks Louise Nevelson created in her lifetime.  Please provide the information below on your art work.


Catalogue Raisonne


The catalogue raisonne data is gathered for informational purposes only.  Louise Nevelson Foundation, Inc. does not authenticate works of art.  The catalogue raisonne is a scholarly project to collect pertinent information about each art work by Louise Nevelson. We greatly appreciate your participation and will not publish or disseminate your personal information without written consent.  Please also understand, submission of the information is not an automatic inclusion in the catalogue raisonne.  Due to the magnitude of this project, please direct questions and requests for information to:  info@louisenevelsonfoundation.org.






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Provenance /Purchasing History


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